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Ycnergy(Suzhou)Technology Co.,Ltd

Founded in June 2019, Ycnergy(Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. is located at 15 Chengpu Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, the backbone of the company is a bachelor degree or above; its main business is crystalline silicon solar products and R & D, manufacturing, and sales of power generation systems continue to provide customers with "higher efficiency and lower cost" batteries, which are favored by crystalline silicon module companies; the company develops photovoltaic smart grids and distributed power stations; and is committed to providing customers with Provide high-tech, high-quality, low-cost photovoltaic smart grid and distributed photovoltaic power plant products.

       Ycnergy adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first, pursuit of excellence, focus on innovation, and win-win cooperation"; continuously improve product performance and quality, and strive to become a domestic leader in the field of crystalline silicon solar energy based on professional and international development International first-class enterprise.

       We look forward to a green, eternal and harmonious future, so that every family can easily use clean and inexhaustible solar energy to make the sky more pure and the rivers more clear. We are willing to work together with all people of insight to make green New energy creates new human life.